So I'm one of those guys whose a really happy person but for some reason my entire artistic output (music, lyrics or poetry) is always dark as hell. Must be some form of unconscious catharsis I guess. Anyway me and my ex got back together for like day and decided to break it off again the day after. It was a strange day and this was what came out after doodling!

"Once more I plunge myself,
head first and willingly,
Into your thorny, tangled thickets. 

All thoughts of tomorrow forgotten,
In the longed for embrace, 
That awaits me therein. 

I bury my face into your leaves, 
Breathe in that old, familiar scent,
And rest with your ghost all around me. 

But soon I must wake and face your dread depths,
And trudge, disheartened and alone,
Towards a light that pierces the shade.

Through your darkened woods I walk on,
Sorrowful with the knowledge that never again will I wander,
'Neath your branches and amongst your boughs.

Weathered and beaten, I reach for the light,
Scarred and sore, I flee the confines of the woods,
Triumphant and alive, my soul cries out for joy.

Yet, though the sun beats down and warms my face, 
Your cold spell is on me still and I turn around again.
I take another foolish step, sighing “Ne’er again, Ne’er again”.

Ne’er again. Ne’er again..."
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Nice. I really liked the wording of
And rest with your ghost all around me.
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Understood- I waste money on amps*, too.

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