hey! so ive been playing for 9 years now but ive never had an electric guitar before and i am planning on getting one but i dont really know much about electrics. i want something that i could play indie and alt rock and sometimes grunge. ive been looking online in shops available in my country (im from iran) and i came across IBANEZ IJRG200U BK Package and it is in a good price as a package but idk i guess im afraid if i order it and not be satisfied with it.
these are all my options right here. please tell me which would be better with what i wanna play. thanks.
Cort G110
Cort X-2
B.C. Rich Asm1

it would be great if i could get answers asap  
Go to a store and play. See what you feel most comfortable playing. Personally I'm a metal guy but my baby sister got into guitar and since she mainly listens to indie rock I did some research got her a used epiphone casino. My other option was a MIM Tele. I also gave her my Roland micro-cube to start with she seems pretty happy with it and plays every day.

Even though your options are limited in Iran, you're usually better off, quality wise- buying gear piecemeal instead of as a "package". Such deals usually include or are made up entirely of lower quality items.

What is your total budget for guitar and amp?
And could you post links to the stores you can shop in? Perhaps someone here can find you a good option at one of those stores you might not recognize.
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