Hi all just some easy advise, no tech stuff as it goes over my head lol

I have bought a bass stack trace elliot gp7 300w head which come with a 1x15 and a 4x10

I have no manual and have searched online and dont seem to be able to get one

the back of the amp has 2 input for cabs both saying 8oms which i use in parallel (1 in each input) and there is no switch to change between 4oms 8oms etc. also the cabs although sound great are old and have no marks showing the oms. i have opened the back and there is nothing

my question is this -   would these be 2x 8oms cabs i have? if it says 8oms on the back i would assume they are. also i read that its ok to use 1x 16oms cab instead of 2x 8oms if need to but nothing lower than the 8oms?

if you have any ideas on this in very simple language i would appreciate it. i have a gig next week and am using the cabs the headliners have kindly provided and dont want to damage my head or their cabs.

when i say simple language i mean  - you can plug 2 x8 oms cabs 1x4 oms cab or 1x 16oms cab,m anything else i really wouldnt understand what your trying to explain haha   thanks guys
RTFM -- The manual is usually available online, these days. 

One comment -- while manufacturers so often show a 4x10 with a 1x15, I really do NOT suggest that you buy or use the cabinets this way. Don't listen with your eyes -- you don't get deeper bass from a 15" speaker, nor do you get more midrange from the 4x10s. And you can actually damage the 15" speaker using the two together.  I really suggest picking one or the other, and if you need to run two cabinets, run a pair of 4x10s or a pair of 15s. Attempting to run a 4x10 and a 1x15 together at high volumes will usually (not always) overdrive the 1x15.