ive been trying to learn how to reamp, I seem to be getting a good signal recorded from my dry guitar, but when I play it back into my amp it comes through very weak (as compared to when I play my guitar directly through the amp).

im using quality direct box and reamp box (both radial). I've boosted the signal of the dry guitar take when sending it to the amp as much as possible in the daw.

any ideas would be appreciated.
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I should mention that it is distorted guitars that come through relitively weak 
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Weak in what way? Weak as in low level, weak as in impact, weak as in tonally?
Sometimes it's not the level that does it, or the EQ or any other factors, but the Preamp. What are you recording into? What level are you recording it at?
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Yeah, I think we need to know a bit more about your methodology - how you're doing it etc.  

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Basically I'm recording a dry signal through a radial DI box onto a channel. 

Then sending that that out through an aux, pumping the volume up for that as much as possible to my radial reamp box. 

My my hardware is a presonus firetube, and I'm using cubase 7 (I believe).

the sound I'm getting is at a lower volume than if I were to platforms guitar straight into the amp, and not as defined, almost mushy in comparison.
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Try wiring the di box in reverse coming out of the interface, then compare with the reamper.
You might need to bump up signal somehow, I use a mixer in between on some sources.
Does your interface have control software where you can adjust the output type between +4db or -10db?