Not 100% sure how to tell the difference between instrument and speaker cable lol
so i took these two pictures hoping i could get some help here.
I think the top two are instrument and bottom is a speaker type cable but again not sure.
And don't really want to plug my cab/head and mess it up.

As always, thanx

It is a little hard to tell. But I think you are right. Top 2 are instrument, bottom is speaker.

Instrument cables will wrap the - wire around the casing of the + wire, "shielding" the + wire from noise and shunting most of that noise through the - path, so it does not get into the signal. The + wire will have casing around it, the - wire will be bare.

Speaker cables will have both the + and - wire in their own casing, and so the - wire does not "shield" the + wire.
Top two are definitely single core screened cable as Will says.

The other one I can't tell either, looks like a speaker cable, but it is easy to tell, just try it as guitar cable and if you get lots of hum from it, its a speaker cable.