I bought an Ibanez rg7321 a little while ago to find if I actually like 7 string guitars myself. I don't know if it was the thin wizard neck, but the neck felt thin and great to play and I ended up using the 7th string very often so I do like the guitar. Recently, I've found a Schecter Blackjack C-7 with the blackjack inlay on the 12th fret for 200 bucks used.

I like the Ibanez for the playibility, but the stock pickups are Axis 7s which are kind of bad. Looking up some blackjack models I can't seem to find the specs of the one I've found online anywhere but I do know it has Seymour Duncan pickups which are definitely a step up. Would the Blackjack (entirely subjective I know) be a better guitar overall than the rg7321? Because I am at least thinking of buying it just to use the pickups and replace them for another set of 7 pickups and prob giving the guitar to a friend. Just don't know how worth it that is.
veimos I can't quite find what SD pickups they are either. Some models have nazgul/sentient others have jb/59
If they have black covers then they're likely blackouts , if they're hex screws then they're likely full shreds. Some have jb's too . My blackjack has nazgul/ sentient but its from 2014

Do you have a pic of the black jack ?