I'm looking at getting a new guitar budget 1500,2000€ note I'll probably be ordering off Thomann or another in Europe so it needs to be easy to get, also I don't want second hand.
Mostly play alt/india/rock stuff like FF,RHCP,KOl,Pixies,Strokes etc 
I'd like a humbucker or a P90 would be great!
no Floyd rose and more of a classic vintage look, semi-hollows are good
Ive got my eyes set on a Gibson LP traditional 2017 but wondered if you guys knew anything else.
Actually, there are a growing number of production guitars out there with a bridge HB and a P90 or HB-sized P90 in the neck. It's a nice pairing.

The Nik Huber Krautster is out of your budget, as probably the one that Deusenberg offers.

But the G&L Fallout (USA or Tribute), Reverend Double Agent or Double Agent OG, and certain PRS models should do the trick. The Godin Empire is similar, in that it places a hot noiseless singlecoil in the neck position. If you can find a Fret-King Gordon Giltrap (discontinued), you'll get the HB/P90 partnered with a piezo system in a classic doublecut semihollow platform.
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