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How do these guys on youtube that are doing guitar covers have awesome sound? Are they using some software? I tried recording using a panasonic video recorder but it sounds like bumblebees screwing in a tin can!
Their sound is being recorded separately. They either plug directly into an interface and use software like Amplitube or mic their amp and record with the interface. Using the built in mic in any recorder or phone won't give you a good sound. The mics in them can't handle the volume, and dynamic and frequency range. Also, mic placement is very important.
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Physical mic > Audio Interface > DAW (digital audio workstation).

My recommendations for those roles are: Shure SM57, Mackie Onyx Blackjack, and Audacity (for free). Hitfilm 4 Express is solid video editing software for free as well. Head over to the recording forum (and read the sticky Introduction to Recording thread) for more info.