Victims Of The Revolution
Type - Guitar Pro
Part - Whole Song
Tuning - Standard

Love this song but hard to find it with ears (cause of arpeggios, kind of that)
MrDave89 Can you think you can do that tab too? There is many solos, arpeggios... Would be awesome (And again thank you for The voracious march of godliness !! ) 
FinkAaltra If you're still interested in learning this song I'm starting to write a guitar tab for it. Once I've made the tab I'll hopefully start to make a guitar pro tab for it.
FinkAaltra Hey thanks! And thanks for the rating aswell. I may have underestimated how much Guitar Pro costs so I don't currently have the spare cash to get it, meaning I doubt a Guitar Pro tab would come any time soon. Unless another user wanted to write one using my tab.