Hey so I have got a Behringer U Phoria UM2 interface ( just started recording) , i can record just with my guitars and bias fx and amplitube but i want to try recording my guitar with my amp and cant get it done. Im using Reaper. Im trying  connecting my Guitar to my amp. Then the line out of the amp to the interface. The audio interface has the output to some speakers ive got. But when I try to record i dont get signal. Have also tried oonnecting as if the amp was a pedal. amp to interface. Guitar to second interface input.

Hope you can guys help me
Thanks in advance

EM out & phones should provide you with an emulated output, how good is a different subject....probably sounding like a broken radio

If you like what you hear out of the speakers and have an interface that can support a microphone XLR input, try getting a dynamic mic, there are lots of even low budget options that will sound better than that direct out:

The EV CO4 will probably be my first pick, but usually EV, Shure, Samson are a good bet in that price range.