I've been thinking of getting an RC-1 looper, but I don't know what exactly does the undo function (stepping on the pedal for about 2 secs, I think) erase.

The user manual says "Cancels the last recording or overdub.", but the videos I've found on youtube apparently show all of the recordings going away except for the original loop.

Is there any way to erase only the last thing one's recorded? What if you make a mistake while playing and want to erase only that and not the five or more layers of sound?

Thanks in advance!
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AdamDoesGuitar thanks! I've been doing some research since this was posted, but the answer is still very much appreciated!

follow up question, though -- is the RC-1 really worth it? I'm now torn between Boss for its fame of having well-built and durable products, the Ditto stereo, which has better features but seems to be asociated to a lot of switch malfunctions, and the NUX looper which is really affordable but makes me uneasy due to its being a "clone".

any recomendations? thanks again!