I first heard this song on Pandora radio. Now there are dozens of live performances of David himself playing over at YouTube but none of them are as amazing as it is in his album. It was real hard to find this on YouTube, I think I had to use a Chrome extension - Browsec VPN - to watch this video otherwise it said the video was not available :P

But this is the song :
(use Browsec if it says it's unavailable)

Pretty awesome beat, eh? I find it very catchy.
Anyway it'd be great if someone could help in tabbing this out, I've got like, just probably the first 10 seconds or so haha. I'm not that great a tabber/listener so any and all help would be thoroughly appreciated

Just incase, I'm attaching the song in the attachments - UltimateGuitar only allows you to upload certain files so I've renamed it to have a .gp4 extension. To hear the song just change your file extension back to .mp3 when it's downloaded