Hey gang, I've just had my first road trip with my IEM rack and was wondering what you guys keep in your rack draws? I had 2 iPads and 4 Sennhieser recievers taped down with Velcro with minimal success. Any tips? anything else I should add for worst case scenario type action?
2 iPads? Sounds more like you've got a iRack.

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just the usual condoms, lube, butt plugs, natural fibre rope and duck tape
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The fuck is a rack draw?

Sounds like a place to put bras

I should get one
A poem.
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I don't have a"Rack"

i do

It's mostly for spices but sometimes there is liquor there as well
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just the usual condoms, lube, butt plugs, natural fibre rope and duck tape

don't forget the sexy, fuzzy and furry pink handcuffs, the extra large anal beads, and the box-set collection of Rammstein band member molded dildos.
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