Hi everybody.

Maybe a weird question,

I was wondering what kind of mic I would want for recording people's voices in various locations like parks, coffee shops, and just general areas where there might be wind and excess noise. I need to conduct some interviews.

I'm planning to use my laptop, Abelton, and my Saffire 6 box. I just need to make sure I get the right kind of mics for those kinds of situations. One for me and one for the subject. Like a sit down radio interview type thing.

I have a CL8 Samson mic that my bud gave me to mess around with for recording, but I have no idea about mics and shit.

I should probs also say that I can't go for the $900 whatever mics. Cheaper is better obs.

So, what say you lads?

Question 2#: Less weird.

Speaking of recording, I want to be able to enter drums in real time instead of clicking and dragging crap. Could I use any old velocity sensitive midi keyboard for that purpose? Or is there a better option that I'm unaware of?

ty again
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Lavalier mics are probably the best bet. I like Audio Technica and EV.

You might also want to look at some digital recorders, like some of the Zoom range recorders, they have built-in mics which you can use by handing it back and forth. Also some of these have external mic outputs so you can connect say 2 lavalier mics and won't have to lug a laptop. I'd personally go for a portable recorder like the H1 or one of the other ones. You could probably find last year's Zoom, Roland, etc. models at better prices used.
Zoom H1 is a complete hand held recorder that sounds very natural. $100 all in.  For outdoor interviews add a "dead kitten" to eliminate wind noise.
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