Hey everyone, I need some help finding information on this new guitar I just picked up. I have been searching for any info on the brand/model but I have not had any luck.

The inside sticker says "Dakota Guitars" with the number "418" printed under it. It also says "By MX-Z Guitar Div." as well as "Tilben Co." 
The headstock also says "Dakota"

My google searches have turned up nothing about MX-Z or Tilben. The only thing Ive found concerning Dakota Guitars was about a limited series of higher end acoustics, but this guitar is definitely not one of those as they were known for having mountain peak inlays. 

I am quite confused about it. If anyone has any insight at all, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
Whenever you repeatedly come across "don't know where it's made" and it bears an American name (like California, Malibu, Daytona), then China is a good bet. Korea, too.

This sort of link: http://www.wholenote.com/r10475--Charvel-MX-Z

Photos would be great, if ya' have 'em.

Is the "Dakota" on the head stock an inlay or a sticker of some sort? The type I mentioned above sometimes ship with blank headstocks so the buyer can brand them however they want.

Is it anything like this guy? http://www.indianaguitarcompany.com/dakota-39-tobacco.html
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Hmmm, I've heard of the higher end solid wood Dakota series from back in the late 90's I believe. I saw one on my local craigslist a few months ago and would have inquired about it if I didn't already have too many guitars. From what I understand, they were very good guitars but may have been asian made(Korea?). Like you said, they had mountains on the headstock and inlays with lots of bling on the bindings and soundhole and such. They were also named after wild animals. One model was a buck, wolf, bear, etc. 
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