mclardy99 crystalsdolphins18  Johnny Cash does it in C/F the Dirt Band does it in E/A. Just use the "transpose" feature and change Johnny's version to E and you'll have the song. BTW, every fiddler I've played it with does it in E like the Dirt Band. 
mclardy99   Sorry if I wasn't clear.  I was trying to support your comment that the Johnny Cash version is similar if you transpose from C to E.
The standard format for Orange Blossom Special (OBS to us country pickers) is that the vocal (or fiddle making train sounds) starts in one key, then changes key for the fiddle break. When Johnny Cash does it in C, it changes key to F for the break, then back to C for the vocal. It's a full key change,  so I called it C/F. Fiddlers typically play it in E and change to A for the break so they can utilize open strings for the double-stops. I called that (E/A).   On closer inspection, I see that the chords in the version you linked to don't reflect the key change, and are...well, just wrong. Version 2 is closer except it's in G. Version 3 doesn't even show the break chords at all. 

The Dirt Band actually plays OBS the same way as every fiddler I've played with, which is a little different from Johnny Cash.  When it's played without a vocalist, the fiddle starts in E and just makes train sounds and about anything else that inspires them.  One fiddler I play with sticks in the hook from  Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf".  Basically they hang on E until they run out of inspiration, then change key to A and do the standard solo that Johnny Cash does on harmonica. Then back to E for more train sounds. Usually, the song increases tempo with each key change until the fiddler runs out of steam. 

I suppose it would be of value to add the Dirt Band version for those who play the instrumental version. I'd be glad to do this, but I'm not sure the correct format for submitting "chords" without words. Empty tab with measures and chords above? 
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tommymc Off topic, but have you seen Johnny Cash play it live on video? He uses two different harmonicas for the train, pretty neat. I didn't think he would be so good at harmonica since he doesn't incorporate it into his music much
Oh yeah, he's my inspiration. He basically started a new genre by making the music he liked and didn't care what others thought too much