I have a jackson dx6 made in japan. I know it has duncan design pickups and pointy headstock with dot inlays. Cant find much info or what its value is which i know isnt much. It serves as a backup.
If you want to know what it's worth, then go on ebay and search for listings of what your guitar model has sold for. That'll give you the approximate going rate.

If it's an early 2000's X series, then depending on its condition between $200-300. The MIJ Jacksons of that time are a buyer's market.
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^ +1 with a tail piece and Duncan Designed pups I'd say $300 tops considering you can find used RR3's,DKMG/DKMGT's, DK2's etc. around that price range with better electronics.

The MIJ's are nice and with the hard tail it should be a very stable guitar, personally I'd upgrade the pickups but that is just me.
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