So what material should I use and how much should I expect the job to cost, need this thing to stay tuned better, les paul studio. 
If it's staying in tune better you want, some kind of graphite nut most likely (like TUSQ), but a #2 pencil will work just as well. It's best to get rid of the plastic nut anyway though. Personally, I would go with bone and a #2 pencil (I generally don't have to re-apply it until after 5 or so string changes).

As far as cost, I don't really know, but I would guess around $60 USD plus the cost of the nut ($15-$20 or less I would think).
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I agree with Prime. If you think it is just binding on the nut get a #2 pencil, shave off some graphite from the pencil and sprinkle it under the strings. I bought a small tube of powdered graphite at Home Depot or Lowe's (can't remember which) that is sold for use in door locks for about $5. I have had that tube for at least 10 years and there is still lots of it left in the tube after probably a hundred string changes (too many guitars). 

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