So ive been on the hunt for... something for a while now. I want a multifx that can be used in 4 cable method with my Engl powerball mk1, and also has enough (at least 2, but better yet, 4) relays that can handle amp switching functions. Basicly i need it to have overdrives and modulations and whatnot in front of the amp, and most importantly, delays and reverbs in the fx loop. The drive effects are the least important since the amp has amazing tones on its own. I just need some more flexibility and tones for the lead and clean parts, and i dont wanna do the whole tapdancing rutine on a pedalboard. So the closest i got was a boss gt100, but it only has one switching relay, so thats out. The only one that fits the bill is the tce G-System, and i have to admit it seems a bit pricy for what it is. For not that much more, i can already get a Helix. However, i just now found a very good deal on a used unit, so im wondering if its worth it.

Anybody has any experience with it? Is it durable? How does it hold up nowdays, considering its been on the market for quite some time now? Are the sounds ok? I know everybody loved the G-major rack effect, but im not sure if this has the same effects or not. Also, it seems like everybody liked those for their time based effects, how do the modulations and drives stand up to other stuff? 

Im thinking about getting a helix anyway, but it seems kinda like overkill to me. I dont need a modeler, i just need a dedicated effects unit like this. The axe fx8 seems like a good one as well, but they dont seem to ship those to europe, and again, its pretty pricy. I also dont want to use like a line6 hd500 and then use midi relays to switch the amp, since i really really want to keep the complexity of the rig and the setup time down to a minimum. 

So, any ideas, comments, tips?
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
The G-System was and is an excellent multi-FX, but it's largely been superceded. 

The Helix hasn't been on the market for "quite some time now" unless you have the lifespan of a fly <G>. 
It's excellent. 

Buy it. 
dspellman Sorry, i guess the formating was kinda questionable. I mean that the g-system has been around for a while. Its kinda ridiculous that a 10 year old system costs 900€ on thomann, and the helix and even the basic kempers are like 500-600€ more expensive with a huge ammount of added functionality. I guess ill save up for that. 
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.