I need some help with finding a schemathic of a nice (if possible pulse drive tremolo- from cast engineering) tremolo/vibrato/pulsating/LFO effect.
Im thinking of doing a pedal that shoud sound like the beggining part of the video  
Basicly looking for a subtle pulsating like effect. + mild overdrive ( think of the first hint of amp breakup , bluesy stuff..(kinda like in the video) to mind also comes something like 9am gain and below from distortion + or boss blues driver also before noon)
The plan is :
- both effects in the same chasis that im designing/building.
- 2-  footswitches for each effect , 
- 6 pots maximum (rate,depht,blend in:for vibrato, volume,tone,gain :for OD
Vibrato shoud be slower, more ambiental oriented.
OD shoud have a subtle tone pot (im getting heavy bass sound from my neck pickup so im looking foward for some midrange hump if possible, but still a creamy drive).

I can get all the coponents (except special valve tubes or exotic stuff) ,gonna solder on perfboard, the adapters that im having are rated to :12V-1A , 9V-1A and 9V-0,2A.

I have already started planning my od schematics ,but the diy pedals rarely have a god video/sound sample to decide in witch way i shoud go. so im open for recommendations/ideas if u got some to share.
Matsumin valvecaster is out cause i cant find any  12au7 and the 12ax7 wont work at that power rating , i coud go with e bay but i dont se mutch reviews of the valvcaster so im postponing it for now.

I think this could be a nice forum post for all diy fanatics that have cleaned their soldering irons and want some new builds.ets put our knowledge together and build oureselfs a nice pedal. Cheers.

*p.s.sorry for bad english
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For the OD side you can't go wrong with a classic Tubescreamer circuit, it has the midrange bump that aou are looking for. Another nice option is a Kon Centaur. You can find the layouts for them (and literally hundreds of other Pedals) on http://tagboardeffects.blogspot.co.at
Sadly nobody seems to have the schematic for the pulse drive, but you could go for example demeter tremulator circuit.
hey Luke , tnq for the input , im definitely going for the centaur as to my ears it sounds more like what im going for.
In not so sure about the tremulator , i havent worked with optocuplers and i cant find the specified one, im supposing it does not mater which one il be using ?
The monster effects- swamp thang also sounds quite good. ill se what i come up with. for now im hoping to buy all the stuf for  around 20-25USD at max.
More questions from me
As im building two pedals in one shoud i use two diferent DC inputs (each for each effect section) or will one be enough to cover them both. iff one , shoud i use a higher voltage and split it into those two sections or better use them from one side all the way down the road.

my planing is just to overwrite the output jack section of the first effect into the input of other one . Im not sure how to aproach to this i dont want to f**kup insides if there comes to backing electricity from one to another section (polarized resistors,NPN-s and other one way street components).
I finaly got al the components (some are combinations of capacitors so id get as near of the schematic requirement) the budget got up to 38USD mainly due to pots and switches and cosmetics stuf.
On klon centaur im going with one 4PDT footswitch for effect on/of and another 4PDT toggle for bypass/buffered (ben working all day on these schematics as i was anticipating the usual dpdt and spdt).
The Klon gets also aditional pot (aka presence) instead of double ganged, so i can mash up how mutch original signal gets saturated.
Swamp thang gets an aditional spdt switch, i just havent decided will i go with depht or speed mod.
oh and i read somewere to not bother with double DC, as it works mainly like daisy chain, so one input and inside 2 pair of wire one to klon, one to swamp section.
centaur and swamp.pdf
need some help with reading of shematic
1 that 27k resistor do i wire it from ground of the pot to middle lug and than back between 3.3uf and 6k8 ohm or shoud i just wire from that point onto middle lug.
2. i assume the speed potenitiometer is wired to ground. aka does the resistor stay on pcb or do i carry it on the pot.
I just started soldering its incredible how small things can do a big mess XD
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Yeah, good choice, the swamp thang is probably much easier to build than the tremulator. As for your questions:
Just solder the 27k resistor across lug 2 and 3 of the intensity pot, and than go from lug 3 to ground.
the speed potentiometer is not connected to the ground, just leave lug 3 alone.

here is a finished and verified layout to cross reference with yours:
thank you very much for replayng i totally woud have gone wrong on this one as i forgot to look up for this picture. Preparation is the key to sucess!