Hey guys, I'm a long time lurker who finally decided to sign in

My issue is that I really wanna write a tapped melody riff, in the style of "Flying Sea Dragons" by Persefone, for a song I'm writing; now it's not like "oh I really should put it because it's technical" and stuff, but I really love the sound effect of the technique and I wanna write something similar.

Problem is I never played something like that and I can't find tabs of the said song, so I am looking for advice on how to create similar melodic patterns.

Any advice or similar riffs of other songs that have a similar sound? I might be wrong but I kinda need to learn the stuff and then make it my own, at least that's how it works for me

I'm linking "Flying Sea Dragons" here so you can get the idea of what I want to learn even if you don't know the song!

Thanks to everyone, have a nice day!
Try Always with me, always with you by Joe Satriani


Fairly slow and easy to play actually and I'm no shred pro.  Should be easy to find a tab.
risingforce1 thanks bro, for some reason I've never really been into Satch so that one flew under the radar. And don't worry I don't care about shred in itself, I just wanna make a cool song
I like tasteful shred. Just lack the skills to play much of it. You can create a lot of melodic sounding tapping riffs by using a lot of open strings. Hell, you can even do it without using your right hand at all. I mean the infamous thunderstruck riff is all left handed tapping/hammer ons/pulloffs and sounds pretty melodic. Have fun.
The notes you get from tapping are the exact same notes you get from picking so from a melodic standpoint there's no actual difference to picking - it's purely the articulation and timbre of the sound that differences.

What tapping does it make it possible to play large intervals along a single string, as opposed to having to arpeggiate across several strings.
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Udjine Thanks bro, a couple of those are exactly what I was looking for and I think I came up with something pretty satisfying!

steven seagull yeah as I said I don't care for the technique in itself, but I'd really like to capture the sound effect produced, so that particular note quality that makes notes fluid in a repeating pattern that (if I'm not mistaken) involves more than a single octave.
So, I think the main question was about composing melodic tapping riffs.

My advice to you would be:

1) Check where the notes of a certain scale are on the fretboard. Start with simple and easy ones for guitar, like e minor.

2) Try creating simple tapping licks where you use those notes. Start with one string, like the high e string. Try to make a simple lick and repeat it, you can also try to include open string pull-offs between fretted notes. En easy way to start making licks is to pull-of and hammer the same notes with your left hand during the whole lick and vary the note you tap with your right hand.

3) This is the most important part. Find a way to loop your lick and start playing different chord progressions behind it. Chords are the thing that makes your lick melodic. Like in the first example you posted the lick is very simple, but the chords behind it change the mood. Try out all kinds of chord progressions and find out how they affect the melody. 

Then you can start refining your style.