Can i put a 6505mh on a diavlo 65 watt. The rating on back says 8. But not sure if its in ohms on diavlo
Where the imenence or whatever its called on diavlo it has an 8 and it looks like a horseshow or something next to it. Not ohms
Thought of getting the hughes and kettner 1x12 cab too. Both the diavlo and kettner tubemiester cab have v30 speaker.
Take it from a Randall fan that owns a Diavlo cab, if you don't already have it, look elsewhere. Its made very poorly.

Materials as well as fit and finish
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What about hughes and kettner 1x12 v30 cab?

I know nothing about them. My vote would be to go with Orange. Their cabs are made very well. Most are available in black as well.

Jet City also makes decent cabs, or so I've been told. And they're usually priced lower, so bonus.

Peavey still makes their cabs in the USA last I checked. You may be able to find a used 112 for a good price and throw a v30 in it. I use their older 80s and 90s cabs and swap speakers as needed. I like their quality a lot.
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I can get a peavey 112 with greenback 25. Heard those arent great for metal though

They arent. And they've never made a 112 cab with a V30 in it. But their cabs themselves are extremely well made, at least the ones made in the USA.