Hi i am about to buy a blackstar ht5r head for a bargain. My problem is i dont have a cab yet and was wondering is it safe to use headphones without a cab connected? Im fairly sure to use headphones you keep the amp in stanby mode. Thanks
probably email blackstar to get an official answer- then if it goes wrong you (hopefully) have some comeback.
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I don't think that would work. pretty sure that you would fry your OT. BUT you could shoot them an email to check.

all i can say is that i would not do it unless you are DAMN sure.
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They have varied their designs from head to head so I can't give you a definitive answer. I believe on the HT5R heads you leave it in standby and the preamp works with the headphone out, I think on those the headphone jack does not silence the speaker out as well. I used to have an older HT5 head without the reverb, on standby the headphone jack was dead and when running the amp if you used the HP jack it would kill the signal to speaker. I installed an easy mod to have switch bypass that and allow me to use the headphone jack with or without the external speaker producing sound (but still connected). You can try the headphones with standby mode and see what happens.
With the Blackstar series one you can leave it on standby and hear the pre-amp and the emulated 4x12 thru the headphones.  No harm done.  

I understand I did not help answer the question, i will kick myself in the junk.
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Thanks for the replies. It says in the manual to use emulated out for recording and headphones to leave the amp in standy. So going by that im guessing it should be safe to use without a cab.