Please help me with some bits in this acoustic version of "whipping post"

Hey guys, so I figured 70% of this version by myself, but for the life of God I can't figure out the little riff at 0:26-0:27 and the one at 0:59 (I'm assuming it's the same riff, ...)

Putting it here in tab format would help me a lot. Thanks!
At 0:26 something like
At first I thought it was 4p0 as well, but I think she's just sliding down from the 4th fret.
A variation you could try :
update ;

can somebody help me with this bit between 0.55- 1.00, when he says "Sometimes I feel, sometimes I feel..." before he does that riff on "like i've been tied to the whipping post". Can somebody tab the chords/ the progression for me? I'm sure it's basic knowledge but I can't seem to figure out the voicing of those chords..