Hey, I hope I'm in the right section! Since I seriously wanna start home recording my project I guess it's time for that "long time awaited" pickup upgrade for my guitar.

I own a Jackson Dinky JS32-7Q, a cheap guitar I got to start out with 7 strings. To be honest seems to me that it feels very good for such a cheap instrument and the sound it's quite decent overall. The pickups are anonymous though and a bit muddier on the lower end, and this is why I want to change them before starting to record stuff. I'll link down here the specs of the guitar on the official Jackson page if you need them as a reference:


My main focus would be a modern death metal sound, that keeps a very clear sounding approach. I'd like to have an extremely aggressive punch on the lower strings and still be able to hear harmonies well enough when going for distorted chords. 

I am oriented on Seymour Duncans for the Bridge: Seymour Duncan Pegasus is the one that appeals to me the most, but I'm also very interested in the Nazgul (friend of mine has it and it's killer), or even the Invader (which I fear to be too extreme tho, I've heard bad things about it being too one-sided...)

For what concernes the Neck pickup I'm either into getting the Seymour Duncan Sentient, since I've heard that Pegasus/Sentient it's a very sweet combo, or I'm wondering if going for a DiMarzio Illuminator would be worth it.

Please note that while I've played guitar for a while, I'm still a complete beginner for what regards pickups and their relationship to sound quality, so I apologize if anything I wrote is wrong or stupid and I'd love to be corrected. Also all my assumptions are based on online youtube demos, that's the only source I took into consideration. 

Thanks in advance for your help!
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The Pegasus/Sentient set is a modern set that is really versatile...you can do lots of different styles of music. The Nazgul is more in the 'extreme metal' corner, and the Invader is more in the 'extreme output' corner. Unless all you ever do is super chuggy modern metal, I recommend the Sentient/Pegasus. 
I have nazgul &sentient 6 string version, the only thing that i dont like is that my 6th string (tuned to d standard- D .052) sounds to bassy with my sentinent, coud be diferent in a 7 string pup. All else is thumbs up for bouth of pickups.
ps.i was loking at black winter for neck pickup but didnt want to break the package altho i think black winter might suit me better so im recomending to look this one up.
Nazgul is hungry for drive and gain , cleans will be shrill as it wants to distort itself.
I personaly didnt like the pegasuses eq something got me off there.
Anyhow i recomend you to try the pickups in guitars , ask for KM-7 they got sentient/nazgul in them , ask for others if your dealer has them instaled so you can try them out.
Mincer yeah I guess Pegasus/Sentient is the most balanced one

kristbubnjar I will definitely go to the store and try out a similar set for sure, but thanks for the advice, maybe I'll find issues/good things and decide at that point. At the moment I just wanna know that on paper these are decent choices