Planning on buying a new amp. Either Orange Crush 60C or Peavey ValveKing2 Combo. Wondering which one is just the better amp for the price and in terms of the tones it can produce? I want a nice clean channel but also decent sounding gain as I'm in a hard rock/metal band.
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Two different worlds there. VK all the way.

If you give us a budget we might could suggest something more worthwhile, though.

pretty much this.
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If you give us a budget we might could suggest something more worthwhile, though.

Really this, but if I had to pick one of the two I think I'd honestly go with the Orange. I have played them both, and the VK is just boring to me, doesn't sound particularly great. The Crush is not necessarily the greatest amp, but it sounds pretty decent. I have always wanted to try one with some different speakers, I think that would give them more depth.
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the VK has a really good clean channel. the dirt channel isn't bad but really without help from an overdrive won't be doing metal.  at some point if you get the VK a speaker upgrade would be a good plan. personally i wouldn't call the VK boring but i can see where that point of view comes from. the VK doesn't have a distinct voice. it  kind of is a jack of all trades and master of none. with a decent overdrive it does come to life (and the already metnioned speaker swap helps a great deal.)  i use a VK for practice and to play blues rock which it does fairly well. 
As an owner of a crush pro, I am a bit biased. I will try not to be.
Either amp will need an od in front for heavier playing. The vk for the boost and the Orange because it needs serious tightening of the low end. As said, a vk is a Jack of all trades, but the Orange is distinctly Orange. The Orange sound is not for everyone. On it's own, it's fuzzy when the gain is cranked and has a loose low end and softer highs. Think doom/stoner rock tones. An od fixes it up, and can work for metal/hard rock.

I use mine for metal with just a noise gate and od. Vks I've seen hold their own for old school metal, but may need a distortion pedal if you can't reach the gain you want.

Over all, I would say both are on an equal playing field. Just get whatever sounds better.
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