So I just purchased what is a brand new G-Major. Local producer bought it for a session and never used it. So I made him a 2x12 cab and we swapped. Its basically brand new. Its on the most recent firmware 1.27. I have downloaded the manual and read through it but this part makes no sense to me...
So here is my issue I can't figure out for the life of me is how to release out of functions that I enter. So for example since I have a parallel loop I select routing and set it to parallel and then lock it.

So here is my question how the hell do I get out of this menu and back to where I can scroll through the factory pre-sets?

This happens if I go in and set for example the Kill Dry to ON I can't get back out of this menu to the factory preset that come up when first booted

What ever I enter into I can't figure out for the life of me how to back out to all the Factory pre-sets.

My gear:
Egnater Vengeance Amp
TC Electronics PolyTune-Dark
Boss NS-2
TC Electronics G-Major
Ibanez MTM1
Signal Chain:
Any help would be great.
I had a g major years ago. I'm pretty sure it was as simple as pressing the button of whatever menu you were in again. For instance, if you were in the global parameters press the global button to get out of the menu. If you are editing an effect, double press the effect name to get out of the effect editing menu. Else maybe just try turning it off and on?
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An easy alternative to the relatively cryptic programming of the G Major these days is to buy a MIDI to USB cable, you may even have MIDI ports on the back of a audio interface if you have one, and then download REALMAJOR editing software. You can have the thing up and running and make real time changes on your PC instead of clicking into every parameter and back out.