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I recently got a '72 Telecaster Custom style guitar, but I'm hating the bridge pickup. It's an alder body, rosewood on maple neck. I had a Gibson Burstbucker Pro put in the neck which I absolutely love (huge, warm, clear), and a Highway One Telecaster Bridge Pickup... Which I'm not digging (I heard Jack White uses one on his solo career stuff) because it sounds SO twangy, gritty, and treble-y... As well it's a ton quieter than the humbucker.

I mostly play clean (Johnny Marr and Josh Klinghoffer-esque stuff)... I'll leave a link to my band below as a reference.

Does anyone have any fat, clean, and warm pickup suggestions? I do play with overdrive as well, but I'm mostly worried about the blend between pickups with the cleans.

Some of the suggestions I've heard from a brief search:
Bare Knuckle Flat 50's
Bare Knuckle Piledriver
Lollar J-Street
Harmonic Design Super-90

I'm interested in the HD, but the reviews seem really mixed and all the videos are either mega country, or insane gain. Also, their site looks like it was last updated in 1998, which concerns me.

Thanks for all your help!

Here's a link to a song to kind of illustrate how I play: ;t=7s
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Custom winds from Vintage Vibe, The Creamery, or Rio Grande would get you exactly what you want.
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No opinion on pickups just a note to say I like your recording. Nice stuff. I like sound of the Tele.
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Rickholly74 Hey, thanks, man! It's free on Bandcamp if you're interested. I actually used my Les Paul on that recording, but I appreciate the kind words!
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It really sounds a lot to me like what you're after is a neck singlecoil. The bridge is pretty inherently not going to sound all those things you want it to sound. The volume imbalance is also unavoidable​ without a totally different type of pickup.
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K33nbl4d3 I understand that the pickup in the bridge position is going to be naturally brighter and tighter, but I'm just trying to compliment the neck pickup a little more. The current Tele pickup I have in it just has no beef. I've owned a few Teles before, but this has been by far the trebliest pickup I've had in one.
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I would suggest any alnico 5 overwound pickup, then remove the baseplate. Or any number of p90 voiced tele-size pickups would work.