Hi All,

Have recently started playing again after a 20 year break.

Picked up a Yamaha 112 for next to nothing, which I've been really impressed with (seems comparable with my old MIJ Fender Strat).  

Looking to step up a little bit, and I'm toying between the above two guitars.  Unfortunately neither are near enough for me to easily travel to and play them.

Has anyone any opinions or experience of which is the better guitar?  The yamaha is a 2006 model (not a MkII) but seemingly in excellent condition, the Michael Kelly is brand new.  Both get excellent reviews.

Thanks in advance for any input!  

I have no experience with Michael Kelly, but the yamahas are nice across the board for the buck IMO.

If you like your yamaha i would go for a second.

Obligatory question, what is your budget and where are you located?
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