I have saved about $600-$700 and I'm thinking about buying a new guitar. I'm hesitating between a Gretsch hollow-body and an acoustic. Since I'm very happy with my current electric I'm kind of leaning towards the acoustic (although it varies, who knows what tomorrow will be made of  . Not that I'm not happy with my acoustics, but since I have a 12-string and a resonator I guess I'm kind of missing a 'regular' acoustic...

So I was wondering what people would recommend. I'm finishing up Mark Hanson's "art of solo fingerpicking" book and I loved it so I want to play more of that, plus try to play some Robert Johnson stuff. So I guess I'm looking at pretty rootsy/bluesy stuff. I'm looking at buying used because I think at that price point you get the best value (maybe it's true of most price points now I think about it, I don't know  , anyway, I digress - I'd rather buy used). I don't really care about having electronics frankly, in fact I'd rather not have it. I'd like an archtop so maybe one of the new Epi Masterbilt series would work (although I realize it's not really a 'regular' acoustic, but I did try one and I liked the sound). Not many used ones available at the moment but I can wait.

I guess Seagull S6 or Big Baby Taylor would be good choices, wouldn't they? What else would people recommend?

I've tried one of the lower-priced Martins (with composite materials I think?) and didn't care one bit for the look of the fretboard or sides. Yuck. Plus it was setup horribly. Obviously that can be fixed but it's kind of hard to get excited about a guitar when the one you try is barely playable...
My fingerpicking is mostly acoustic blues, and I currently play a 1932-ish Gibson L-00 and an old Maton M-300. Just about anything will suit, provided you have it properly set up, but I look for a tight punchy sound, rather than the big open sounds of something like a Taylor. Although I play the L-00, I generally prefer dreads with a strong clean bass response, and many find a 1 3/4 neck better than 1 11/16 for fingerpicking.

How much do you want to spend?

The Seagull S6 nut is a bit wider than 1 11/16" (as are Matons), so could be a good choice.
What about the Taylor Academy 12e Grand Concert? That sounds like it'd be really good no?
It's a new model, right? So unlikely to be stocked in stores yet to try it?
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Alvarez has come out with a line for playing blues. The one I like is called the Delta00 Deluxe. You can get it with electronics or pure acoustic.
Check out Seagull guitars. About a year ago, when I worked at guitar center, I remember playing them a lot and recommending them to a lot of my students because they sounded great and were pretty cheap. I think they were pretty new on the market though, so they might've caught on and increased in price by now. The low-end Taylors are still great as well.
ciano16 Yeah the Seagull S6 has a pretty solid reputation I think.

Arrawin I did not know about this Alvarez J&B line, thanks!! I'm going to research it, it looks like it's just what I'd be looking for, including price! I actually ended up buying the Gretsch 5420 (see original post), I'm very happy with it (hells it sounds great unplugged so most of the time I use it like that to practice!), but I still want a 'pure' acoustic eventually, so maybe that Alvarez will be next... I need to understand the differences between the different models, apparently there are 2 main Delta00 models and a Blues51 model, I'm not sure about the differences between them. And what do SHB and TSB mean? Does anyone know? Apparently the main difference is that the Blues51 has an arched rosewood back while the Delta00 has a flat mahogany back?

I'm thinking of buying a Djangobucker for my resonator so I may just go acoustic only...
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OliveG I can answer most of your questions. There are two models of each Blues51 and Delta00. The difference between them is that one has electronics and the other is pure acoustic. The difference between the Blues 51 and Delta00 is that the body on the Delta is a larger body than the Blues51, sort of like a dreadnaught as compared to a Concert guitar. Personally I decided to go with the Delta00 as I like a nice deep bass in my acoustics and the larger body should translate to a better bass sound to that model. Last but not least the SHB and TSB have to do with the finish on the wood, TSB is Tobacco Sunburst and SHB I don't remember at the moment but it is just another stain/color variation. There is also a Deluxe version of the Delta00 which is just a nicer finish, probably some additional binding and the like.
Oh I guess SHB is 'somethin' Honey Burst then? Thanks for the clarification. Yeah the deluxe has a grade AA spruce top while the regular Delta00 has a grade A spruce top... looking for stores near me where one is available, I'd like to try them. I saw some videos, they sound quite nice it looks like...
I heard good things about Blueridge guitars, so I tried one out at a local music store(since it happened to be a lefty).  I was stunned at the clarity of it.  They explained  to me that it had inner bracing that was modeled after the pre-war Martin design.  Whatever it was, it sounded great.  The BR 160 can be had in the $650-$700 price range with a case, if you look around.  And there are a few other models at lower prices.  CORRECTION.  I just reread your original post and realized you're looking for a fingerpicking guitar.  So I looked and found Blueridge BR 42 (OOO Body)with a 1-3/4 nut.  Can be had for about $500 with a case.  The BR 160 (Dreadnought)is a 1-11/16 nut.  One thing about Seagulls.  They're fine guitars, and sound good when new-but keep in mind they have cedar, rather than spruce tops.  Spruce tends to open up and sound better with age, while it is said that cedar doesn't open up nearly as much.  The Blue Ridge have Sitka tops.
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My fingerpicking is mostly acoustic blues, and I currently play a 1932-ish Gibson L-00 

Isn't that the same model that was used by Maybelle Carter? Archtop? 
Quote by TobusRex
Isn't that the same model that was used by Maybelle Carter? Archtop? 

Probably no, I guess the one that is used by Maybelle Carter is 1928 Gibson L- 5. Seen her using it on her more than 300 songs. 
Quote by Frank_Music
Probably no, I guess the one that is used by Maybelle Carter is 1928 Gibson L- 5. Seen her using it on her more than 300 songs. 

That's also what I thought, something like an L-5, though I wasn't sure which one. The L-00 is a 00-sized flattop
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