Are they oaky for heavier metal tones? Seen a crate gt112sl with it inside. Are those cabs decent? Of course my 6505mh would accommodate it.
Well I have quite a few G12k-85's which were the precursur to the 100's and i like them alot for metal/rock/thrash.
I do mainly classic rock, blues, early "metal" (Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, etc.) and have a G12K-85 paired with an Alnico Gold being pushed by an AC30, and that pair works great for me.
Thanks guys. I play mostly metal core and some melodic death metal. Hoping they sound ok for that.
The K-100 is generally known to be a major kicker-of-ass when it comes to brutal metal. Lots of chunky low end and a nice balance of mids and highs. Sadly I've not had the opportunity to try them in person. But they are often compared to Eminence Swamp Thangs and I can verify those are monstrous as well.
I have 8 k85's and love them. probably my favorite 'metal' speakers.

they also mesh great with V30's.
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