Hey everyone!

Im trying to put EMGs in my RG 1570 (which has been a ginormous pain in the ass lol, had to sand the pickup cavities just to get them to fit), I bought it used and the old jack was pretty busted so I got a new one. 

This is what the jack looks like,

I found this which looks similar


and also on the diagram it states R S T and I have no idea what these mean lol


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I was able to find

Thanks for the tip.
I sorted it out later so if anyone else need help with this it should be wired like this:

Signal - the shortest contact
battery - medium long contact
Earth (ground) - ring contact.
Longest contact remains free. "

but im not sure if its applicable
Ok thanks! So I have

The long contact = sleeve?
A round/ring contact = ring?
A square contact thats short = tip?
A square contact thats taller

So would I jsut leave one of the square contacts?
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Awesome thanks! I tried soldering the long contact to the sleeve position, the round/ring contact to the ring position, and the square contact thats taller to the tip position. If I shove the cable all the way in nothing happens (im not sure if setting the distances will change anything) but I can fidn th e sweet spot where I hear noise through my amp and touching the pickups or the volume/tone pot (havent put the knobs on yet) increases the pitch of the noise. Switching from various positions through the blade switch doesnt affect the tone or anything at all, doesnt even interrupt the noise. Does this mean theres a short somewhere or should I solder the tip to the other square contact?
Despite having used barrel jacks in a couple of my build because I like the look of them, I hate the fact you can't see what's going on inside and there's nothing you can do with them once they crap out. I've since replaced one of them (that crapped out) with a Tele style cup which not only looks nice but also allows you to use a standard, open style jack socket. However, I digress.

So, just to recap the connections:

Tip -> Hot
Ring -> Battery -ve
Sleeve -> Earth
Outer (big one) -> Earth

We're fairly sure the short tag is the tip. The trick is telling the ring and sleeve apart. Unfortunately, if you plug a standard guitar cable in, the sleve should make contact with both the sleeve and the ring (this is how the battery connection gets made), so I think you could ony really test using a 1/4" stereo cable.
If all the tags are different lengths then it might be reasonable to assume that if the shortest is the tip then the longest should be the sleeve and the middle one the ring. If you ignore the outer, because it doesn't strictly need connecting, then at worst it'll take a couple of attempts getting your connections right: try battery to one and earth to the other - if that doesn't work then switch the battery and earth connections.

If it still doesn't work, spend some loose change on an open stereo jack socket and test with something where you can see what's going on.
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