I am a self taught player, and by that I mean I learned how to read tabs and went from there and never bothered to learn anything else. I continued this for a few years and got exceptionally good, but the problem is I know absolutely nothing about effects or how to get any other sounds. I currently have a fender mustang 3, and the boss me 80 effect pedal that I never use. I just want to know a general way to start expanding what I have, whether it be a new amp, or some effect pedals, or whatever it may be.
Not sure what  direction you want to go, but you certainly have the stuff to find out. When I started I didn't know a phaser from a flanger or any of it. I knew of Fender and Vox and that was about it. It was once I got  a Multi-fx pedal I started to learn what I liked and didn't like. Get your ME out READ THE MANUAL and start trying things. I liked Pink Floyd and in the beginning read what they used and made patches using whatever my XTLive had that was close. That kind of thing will at least get you started. Your Mustang isn't to bad do the same with that. Make suttle changes with everything you try. You may like delay at 325ms, but think it sucks at 410ms stuff like that. Again its going to depend on your tastes and what music you like. Before I got into modeling amps I didn't know what a SLO100 was, but now cant go a day without it. Everything is a learning curve. Take your time and have some fun with it.
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Between the Mustang and ME-80 you have more effects than you 'll ever use,   Although I cant say that they're a match made in heaven,  Generally modeling multi effect amps such as that and effect peddles don't get along very well,  Their great for inexperienced players that don't want to spend a lot on gear and have lots of different effects and amp models at their finger tips,  But I think when you want to start buying peddles its time to look at other amps,  
I use an ME-80, or shall we say parts of it, as the amps I generally use have no need for any boost overdrive or distortion effects,  So I only use its time based and modulation effects, 
Uh Oh I suspect a deer stuck in the headlights look here, 
  So lets see if I cant try and explain, Boost, overdrive, distortion compression type effects are used to.. Well boost or alter the signal to the preamp, or at least in most cases  which is where all that natural toasty goodness happens in the first place, in which they just make it more toasty then sent out to be amplified to ear splitting volumes by the power amp, 
 Time based and modulation effects such as chorus, delay, reverb, tremolo, phaser and such sound a bit better I think when behind the preamp and in front of the power amp,  Which is what those mystery to many jacks on the back of their amp labeled Effect Loop Send and Return is all about,  And different manufactures do it differently and the way its done between SS and tube amps is even more different , but in essence it basically takes the preamp out of the equation and send those effects to the power amp bypassing the preamp,  Meaning they stay nice and clean without being adulterated by an overdriven distorted preamp stage,  They come in after the fact so to say, The amp you have now cant do that, as it has no effects loop, 
  But that's not to say there's not many a guitarist that don't just stack everything they got in front of the preamp by plugging guitar into peddles and peddles into amp and wonder why their delay is more of an irritation and the reverb sounds like mud, but who am I to judge, Perhaps they like it that way,  Or maybe just have no idea what that effects loop does and should never be touched, Bad Voodoo.. 
In any case I'd say its time for you to start looking at other amps,  In the case of your ME-80, decent little multi, The only bad reviews it gets is from those trying to use it with crappy amps in front of the preamp,  Leave it in the loop and all will be well,  I mostly use tube amps, but I've used the ME with my SS which has a loop and clean channel from hell,  Aint ever had anyone tell me it sounds like shit,  Maybe a few asking me to turn it down a tad, but that's about it.  Actually contemplating selling it to make room for a new addition,  Kind of a shame to put it in a corner only to be used once a blue moon, Kustom Quad 100dfx mint condition and still has original floor tags and manual if interested,   Although it may be time for you to experience the joys of a nice tube amp,   Nothing wrong with SS but like effects you need to learn the difference and the best way is always hands on along with trial and error,  
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