hello this is my first comment in this forum, 
i have been playing guitar, including electric and acoustic gt for about 3.5 yrs.In the past 3years i mainly played  guitar solos or some basic strumming patterns
Recently i wanna try sth new and thats why i have chose clasical guitar to play ,so

is there any classical songs,forums,youtubers and tutorial materials for classical beginners?
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Classical guitar is a method of playing. If you've been playing for three and a half years, and aren't aware of any songs specifically written for classical guitar, or you don't know where to look for them, you have some serious issues. 

Here's a hint. 

Go to YouTube and do a search for "classical guitar". 
As gerdner says, classical guitar is a style of playing. It also refers, often loosely, to a kind of instrument, and a few popular players have used nylon string guitars to play popular music rather than classical - Chet Atkins, Willie Nelson and Yngwie Malmsteen come to mind, plus some folkies and a whole continent full of latin players. So do you want to play classical music or some other genre on a nylon string guitar? FWIW, I play mostly play a steel string acoustic, but occasionally swap to a nylon string (I have a requinto and a nylon-strung reso) for the same music, just for variety.