I am interested in getting a Peavey Vypyr Pro 100 and was curious if anyone on here has tried it out. I would like to know how versatile it is. I play everything from blues to thrash metal. From what I've seen online, it seems decent especially for a modeling amp. But I just wanted hear from the community and get their thoughts.
Great Amp. Close to perfect for home use. I know nothing about being a pro. I have a 15W Tube amp from monoprice that kicks ass reverb not so much. Marshall Code 50 is really not bad, I am liking it, but the headphones to the line in effects return to the Monoprice or Peavey Pro sounds better due to the Marshall'sMarshall' s Speaker and closed back can which is too directional. I also have owned and sold or returned during GC return policy, just about every recent and used Tube amps, Fender DLR, Blues jr, , Vox 12" 4watt, kept the Champion 600, sold my Peavey MH-20 Just didn't like the preamp distortion and no real clean headroom. I have a Behringer Vampyr that I still like and as a stereo amp, I drive 2 PA speakers. I have a G-Dec 30 still like the playback options for backing tracks and it has stereo lineout. VOX Mini 5 rythym HAS BEEN GOOD FOR playing my Digitech Trio Plus' s mixer output through while I play guitar through the main amp. I am thinking this Peavey Pro 100 is gonna be my last Amp I need.
I like the Tube sound, side by side this sounds as good, dynamics might be shy just in presence and I think I can match the settings to make it sound no different. Really am impressed. I don't have the pedal, heard some negatives on line about patch delays...not sure that will matter and might be the learning curve....user error, don't know myself.