I can't pick between these 2 guitars. Which one would you personally recommend me? I pretty much want an all-round Guitar that can play anything. Height is 5'5 inch if it matters!
Well...Angus is kind of short...
I prefer V's / SG's over Les Pauls so my select would be the G400. (I'm 6'3" tall...and I have a G400)
play them and see what you are more comfortable with.

cheap SG's trnd to have neck dive.

The contours of the LP may not fit you as comfortable as an SG.

FWIW i have 2 gibson LPs and two gibson SG's. they get played equally
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Gotta be a preference thing, really. As far as those two particular Epiphone models, my experience of both is pretty positive, but both designs have their own feel which you may or may not like. The LP will be heavier and obviously a larger body, the G-400 is lighter and has a tendency to neck dive when standing. You may find either of them more comfortable, and your best bet is to at least try a guitar of each of those body styles if you can.
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