I have a crate gt112sl with g12k100 speaker in it. I was wondering if i can put a 120 watt 6505 head on it even though speakers lower wattage. Guy at guitar center said i could i just have to make sure ohms match. Do you guus do it as well?
It depends on how loud you are playing the amp, if you are doing bedroom levels then the mismatch will be fine as long as the ohms match, if you are playing out and turning it up you might not want to chance it, power output and volume are not a linear relationship, meaning you can't gauge exactly how much output wattage you have based solely on volume. If you need a different speaker Eminence has some higher rated speakers Texas Heat, Swamp Thang, Legend V12, Man-O-War that are all rated 120-150W
To play it safe, pull the two outermost powertubes to half the wattage of the amp. Also when doing that you also have to drop the impedance down a notch. 4 ohm setting becomes 8 ohms and so on. If the cab is 4 ohms then obviously you cannot do this trick.

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MaaZeus this is what I would do. and have done on different amps.
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