Aaron.  I listened to "You Are Called"  It's a catchy piece that grabbed me with that synth hook right away.  Overall it's mixed well and I could hear all parts.  Are you using some effect on your voice?  I can't make out a single word of what you are singing.  You have a distinctive style that I enjoy listening too.

Won't you give my latest a whirl?
Thank you for listening & commenting!  I typically have stereo delay on my vocals, and sometimes a bit of chorus effect.  Why?  I feel my vocals sound pretty thin without all of the effects.  Some people like my vocal effects and some people don't.  I have worked with various singers in the past; they were all female, and usually pretty good looking.  Now that I'm married, I've only worked with one other singer (other than my wife), on one song (the singer is about 20 years older and much less attractive than my wife, so not much of a threat).  My wife sang a bit on one of my tunes, but she doesn't have the patience for singing something dozens of times to get a better take.  I realize the vocal effects make it difficult to decipher my lyrics, but I don't know how to solve that without my vocals sounding thin.

Anyone know how to get an email notice that someone replied to my thread?  I've been on this forum for several years & it used to work fine.  But for the last several months, I get no email notification when someone replies.  I can't find a setting for that.
Have you considered running the vocals through an EQ? Sometimes that helps. I use a Digitech Vocal 300 which i think improves my voice As I don't think my voice is that strong either.
I have always put my vocals through EQ.  That's not to say that my EQ settings couldn't  be better.  I sing close to the mic, so I remove most of the lower frequencies.  I have wondered what a pro audio engineer could do for my mixes, but I'm too cheap to find out.

I've tried updating my avatar/photo several times and it never works.  Anyone else having the same problem?
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Hey man. You are called is pretty dope. I like how 80s it sounds. It reminds me of a action movie. The Synth part was enjoyable too.
I like how you added that Arabic sounding riff midway before the bluesy pentatonic bit.

Something is holding me back is pretty good too.
I got  a big pixies feel from it.
I'm not a big fan of the effected vocals on that one, but I'm a prude with vocals lol.

Overall good stuff man.
Hello there. Thanks for checking out my track.

I listened to both of the tracks. I liked the synths on "you are called" but the vocals are somewhat indecipherable (this coming from a man who attempts death metal and black metal vocals - so feel free to laugh at that observation). The richness of the bass was cool and not overpowering.

"Something is Holding me Back" - I thought the drums on this were a bit pedestrian and robotic sounding. The lyrics were way clearer though.

From a vocal perspective - if they sound thin you could try doubling up some parts - maybe try sticking in a kind of low level spoken part into the mix to beef up the lower end of it a bit. Also, I dont know how you EQ your delay and reverb but it sounds like it is coming across on all the same frequencies as the main part. Maybe try running the reverb/delay return through an EQ and pulling out some of the mid frequencies to allow the main line to carry through better and maybe clearer.

Listening to you are called. Love the acid bass and 80´s synths. It has a really quirky theme. The only thing that puts me off is the drums. I think now it sounds like electronic drums that wanna be acoustic. I would rather choose one extreme, preferably make them more obviously electronic and get a new snare. Thats only my thoughts tho. Good job overall.