Hello ultimateguitar.com! I have a question for you all--

I have a guitar, which I believe is a Kona Whiskey. I'm trying to play some songs, but a lot of them just require a whammy. How do I go about finding on that fits my guitar? I live in the middle of nowhere, the closest guitar-related shop(which is nothing but a glorified pawn shop) is nearly 300 miles away. I can't do this in-person. I have access to a machine-shop if needed. Any help is greatly appriciated.

- J-rad
It looks like a strat clone, will a strat trem bar not fit? You can probably contact the manufacturer and find out exactly what you need.
 If your guitar is a fixed bridge, you would be further ahead to buy a new guitar.  If it is a trem and only missing the arm, then source a new arm.  If you are in the US you can get a new arm from Guitar Fetish.