and what are your thoughts on these types of institutions?

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yeah one of my exes was in one, her friends were kinda shitty tbh. one of the first warning signs. so yeah, I try not to dismiss groups of people off for no reason but my track record with sororities is spotty at best
I am the fraternity.
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sorority noise are my current fave band

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I had a highschool friend who joined and ended up running a frat. It sounded great. The parties, the punishments, the friendships, etc. But I don't like the idea of pledging and I already have a lot of friends who I partied with and did dumbass things with. I guess it's more about the social networking with other college educated people as an adult though.
we don't have those over here

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we don't have those over here

we have the lad bible and girls nights out #magaluf2017 #NAPA kavos2015 tho

longing rusted furnace daybreak seventeen benign nine homecoming one freight car
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we have the lad bible and girls nights out #magaluf2017 #NAPA kavos2015 tho

Yea, but that's just vomiting on Greece; it's marginally less pretentious than fraternities/sororities.
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we have the lad bible and girls nights out #magaluf2017 #NAPA kavos2015 tho

whatever happened to lad culture 
Yeah i know plenty of people involved in that stuff, but I never got into it. I don't like drinking THAT much, and the connections you make for making an absolute fool out of yourself is not worth it imo, you can get a job just wearing the same uni. class ring to the job interview. Though I did hang with a random "delta chi magma blah blah blah " during a uni. festival once, and they make good smoked brisket
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I had a friend actually start a brand new chapter of a frat at our university, and it was full of cool guys. Like, they actually did their schoolwork and did a bunch of awesome events around the community. None of them were dicks about it, either. 

Conversely, I had a friend/coworker join a sorority, and she became a stuck up bitch with a severe inferiority complex. Not good. 

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I don't feel one way or the other. I "get" then, they can be very important and formative in kids' lives, but they can also be trash heaps.
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So I have these lab partners: two of which are in sororities. I'm genuinely curious as to why anybody would join one, so I asked them why they joined. They told me that its for the sense of community. At this stage in their lives, they'd like partners in experience. I asked them what makes it different from meeting other people in their majors. They said, it's hard meeting people, and when you meet new people and ask them to hang out, sometimes they're unable to and its a lot of effort in trying. They said, by being in a sorority, you're forced to hang out, make friendships. If not, you're punished. It makes you closer to these people.

While I do agree that its difficult to meet new people, I don't believe in being punished. People have busy lives and not everything can be accommodated. Also, I feel like stronger connections are made with those you meet, have things and common with, and make an effort to do things with.

Later on, the two girls were discussing their chapter meeting. One girl told the other about their New York chapter. To which the other girl stated that it must be all white people. "No there's a black girl" "Wow that's so cool!" As if she was nothing more than a novelty.

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No, but in junior high my friend and I used to play "hide and creep" in the mall. This is where one person hides and the other(s) try to find them in a stalker/pervy way. For example, once I hid in the Old Navy dressing room and 20 mins later she was outside the door like "hey girl you should try this dress on!" and put it under the door and I was like "ahhhh!" and threw it back over the top. Goofy times.
I've never been part of a  fraternity but I used to live on a collage campus and went to a lot of frat parties. 
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Most people I know were in one. I wasn't but I was in something similar and it was great for pushing me to meet more people.

There are good ones and bad ones; they vary by chapter as well as by university and the people who are there at the time. I don't have an opinion of them overall other than they tend to be expensive and unfortunately that limits the diversity of people who might otherwise join.
Don't know enough to give a solid opinion, but from what I've heard they're mostly dumb.
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I was going to join Signa Phi Nothing, but it was meaningless. So, I joined Tappa Kegga Brew. 
wouldn't want to be a member of any club that would have me as a member
I suppose societies would be the closest thing to frat/sororities here.

Pretty sure they have those in US too so the whole wanting to be part of a community thing is fulfilled better there im.
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