Hi there,

I've got a pedalboard in my room, not particularly large, but my parents bought it and they are getting pissed about how I keep it out.

I always have my pedalboard out and they want me to put it away every time I use it so as not to spill drinks on it or getting it dirty, dusty and damaged. I'm looking for a solution of a way to cover and protect it while not in use without me having to completely put it back into a box as it takes ages to setup.

I'm thinking some kind of plastic cover but don't know what to look for.

Any help is appreciated.

Edit: Is there a kind of bag that would fit a small pedalboard?
Rubbermaid container? they are cheap and come in a variety of sizes. you could even put holes in the side where you could fit cables through.
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I'm thinking more along the lines of something like cling film at the moment, if I can find a nice hard wearing type of clear film because this is nice and easy to put on, good protection and easy to remove afterwards.
Don't keep drinks near it and dust it regularly.

You could take an old shirt or a towel and cover it when not in use. If you want to protect it from physical damage, you'd need a road case really which can be quite expensive, especially if there are no road cases already made specifically for your board.
Hi Will, totally agree and I look after my equipment quite well, its more for my parent's peace of mind than mine.
go punch your dad in the face and tell your mom she's next if they keep it up!  Its a known fact that pedals sound worse when clean and dust free, you want them beat up and dust filled to be a Rock legend!

Just kidding, anything you do will help.  But I'd buy a case to match the board.  
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Cheers man. I'm not going to spend lots of money on a case for the board though as I'm not intending to keep it as my main rig for much liner longer. Especially as I know there is no issue with them being maintained and it's simply for my parents and not me.
If its a small pedalboard that doesn't require like 5 leads to set up, then just buy a soft case which you can put it in. And would allow you to transport it if you had to  
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