Hey Guys,

One of my friends owns a Triple Rec and i love the clean channel on that Amp, but the other channels are not really my thing.

Are there any Alternatives from Mesa or other manufacturers?

I will run that amp through a 2x12 V30 Cab or 2x12 G12T75 cab.

I only looking for good alternatives right now. Not going to buy the amp any time soon.

Thanks in advance.
Try the Mesa Lonestar if you're not really into the higher gain channels of the Rec. Or the MKV as that has an emulation of the Lonestar clean

It's got an amazing clean channel, and does blues-rock stuff really well too, and the MKV can do pretty much anything
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I had a single rec and own a mark iv. The only thing I miss about the single rec is the clean channel. The mark clean is inferior to the recto clean IMHO. Not the same at all.