Recently I woke up and I have told to myself: "Get the guitar and fucking play it, you lazy ass!".
I was playing mostly as a rhytm guitarist (for over 3 years...) and sometimes I learned one of simpler solos. Ok, I know only a bunch of them...
If curious: Metallica - Master of Puppets (first one only), Fade to Black (all of them, but not perfectly), One (just first), Unforgiven I and II (no problems here), Nothing Else Matters aaand that's all... It is shameful, I know.

Now I want to play more than just a power chords. I want to know scales, learn shreding, sweeping, etc. Btw. I'll play in death/black metal band.
I try to learn a song - Marty Friedman - Night - and I don't have any problems except end of the solo. This rapidly moment almost at the end. I just can't. I tried to use metronome (15-25 bpm, lol) and althought I can pick all notes, I must have an backingtrack to hear a guitar playing that notes. If I play just with metronome, I can't hit that! For **** sake, how Marty wrote that and why!? I don't know, but I know I want to play that. It will not only make me happy - it will make my technique better.
Same for Pantera - Domination solo (I'll skip a talk about first solo. It's just about shreding and fast picking. Second "solo" is funny situation. I can easly and a lot faster play it with tapping. If I try to pick it all my left hand is saying "F*ck you!" to me.)

I decided to practice every day excercises from there: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1091796
I am sure it will help me and it will make me a better player.
I have one more problem. I am often exhausted. I take a guitar and after 30 minutes of "playing" I put it back. I am not tired of playing. I have a lot of school and other responsibilities. Moreover, I sleep around 5 hours only. Day is just too short for me.

Lead guitarists learn to hear and play faster and more complex lines as their playing progresses. Don't panic that you can't hear and play this stuff yet. 

As a rhythm player I'm sure there was a time when your changes from chord to chord were slow and clumsy, but that cleaned up and became fast, right? Trust your ears and your hands for the time being - you can only hear and play what you can hear and play, but time and effort will expand both.

One of those "expansions" is a kind of mental change in the way you grasp what you are playing; the rhythm player has a main focus on the form of the song, the chord changes, the various riffs and strum patterns, timing precision etc... the focus is very much in the "now" moment of the music, the present moment.

The lead player has a little different perspective that is more in the "before and about to be now" of the music... the focus is more on how to time and place upcoming notes, on chords that aren't being played yet... so one is thinking about something different about to be played while actually playing something one thought about a little while back before - the focus is more diffuse, a wider aperture. There is a mental displacement out of the music in order to see how to play back into the music which is a different feeling than playing rhythm and feeling centered in the music... if you understand what I mean.

Hearing and playing faster comes from learning how to "float mentally around in the music, behind and ahead of the present moment, while playing in the present moment"... it takes a while to recognize that this is what you are doing even after you begin to do it, so just trust your ears and hands...  one day you'll feel and recognize that it happened and then the bubble will pop and you will know. It will still take time and effort from there, but you will know the direction and feel of how to get there...
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