Hi All,
Beginner guitarist here...and have been jamming along with this News Boys song...

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Most of it is just D A Bm G.

But at 2:35 there is this guitar solo part....I have no idea what exactly the guy is playing..but I do love the sound of it!

Then at 2:56 he does this little 'harmonics' thing or something....which also sounds great....

Can any experienced guitarists shed some light on what actually he is playing throughout this riff/solo....or how he is doing this?

Is this soloing over the key....a chord progression??

It would be a dream come true to be able to play something even closely related to this!!

Anyway I'll keep working on my basic chords....but am just intrigued how this is actually done! Thanks for any insights at all....
In the solo he's first playing a line in octaves - do you know what I mean by that?
D ... hold ... C#, D, E, D
Then some simple single note melodic lines.

The harmonics part is natural harmonics at 12th fret e string, 7th fret B string, 7th fret G, 7th fret D. Nice and easy
NSpen1 Thanks so much for reply NSpen... a line in Octaves? Is that like what is mentioned in this post?


Anyway you've given me some great things to research! I'm probably getting way ahead of myself at this point in my guitar learning...I love the way you describe them as 'Simple single note melodic lines'...it all looks quite remarkable to me...in terms of both the speed..string bending, musicality etc....but one step at a time I guess 

First I better just simply build my speed in playing the Bm barre chord...that's enough of a challenge at the minute But it is great to have some things to aspire to.

Thank you!
Yeah, that's exactly it for the octaves. They're quite often transcribed without the muted note in between, I do that myself, but technically you're always going to be playing it if you're using a pick.
Well, here's the solo. The only things you need to look out for are the hammer-ons / pull-offs and legato slides - with those you only pick the first note, then slide to the next without picking, e.g. 9/11\9 only pick the first note at 9.
You may find that some of this 'Simple single note melodic line' stuff is easier than playing chords, esp. barres.

Thanks so much NSpen1....Will definitely try that out. Thanks! Really Appreciate your time in posting and finding that score
Quote by Kangaroos`
Really Appreciate your time in posting and finding that score

What do you mean, finding that score, I wrote it!
NSpen1 Wow...you wrote the score!! That really is going above and beyond!! Thanks so much for taking the time to do that..is awesome...a very kind thing to do! What software did you use to create that notation/tab?