Hi, I am new to this site and just wanted to ask a question on a some pieces of gear.  Keep in mind that I am only 13 and I play mainly punk rock and Metallica related metal (you probably expected that lol).  I go through a Bugera 1960 Infinium with an overdrive pedal.  I am in a self debate right now, going back and forth between purchasing two guitars.  To start I have done reasearch on both guitars.  The first one is a Jackson JS32 Rhoads, brand new off of Sweetwater Sound for $300.  The second is a 2005 Epiphone Les Paul Custom, made in Korea, used by one person, in excellent condition with all original parts going for $400 (including shipping.)  I will eventually put a good high output pickup in either one.  The Les Paul has some more fret access and overall has better construction, but the Jackson has a Floyd Rose and is cheaper, without too much loss in quality.  I am just torn between the two, if anyone has any further knowledge as far as these guitars go, I would love it if you shared with me.  Thank you!



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+1 for the MIJ Jackson depending on where you are than can be found readily for $250-$400 depending on the model and condition. I have 7 of them and paid an average of $350 most recently I paid $240 for a near mint DK2m with a case. They are going to be miles ahead of either of the guitars that you have listed.
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guitarkid8 If I'm looking for a Randy Rhoads style MIJ Jackson with a Floyd Rose, how would I go upon finding one?
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guitarkid8 If I'm looking for a Randy Rhoads style MIJ Jackson with a Floyd Rose, how would I go upon finding one?

The Epi LPC is the much better guitar than the Jackson JS guitar. In my experience the JS Jacksons are pretty crappy but for a $300 guitar with a Floyd what do you expect. The poor quality Floyd Rose bridges you get in cheap guitars are truly awful most of the time. Most never stay in tune and getting them back into tune is very aggravating. In a situation like that it's better to just not have a Floyd at all.

The MIJ Jacksons you find used offer unbeatable bang for the buck and absolutely smoke both the JS Jackson and the Epi. But the Licensed Floyd Rose bridges the non-neck through ones have could do with being upgraded to an Original Schaller-made Floyd.

Considering you can get a Jackson of that caliber used for no more money than a new JS makes the JS guitars totally redundant.
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If you're going to buy the newer Jacksons, Stick with the Pro Series. They're a few hundy more expensive than the X series, but you're getting what you pay for. Spec-wise they're far superior guitars in every way. And I've played X series Jacksons before and while they certainly weren't bad guitars they did feel, sound and play like they were a poor-man's Pro Series.

With a budget like that, getting a used MIJ Pro and upgrading the floyd to a Schaller Floyd is an absolute no-brainer.
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Those are 2 very different guitars.  I suggest you go to a music store and play one of every shape, size, and style they have and figure out what you do and don't like.  

For "metal" of those 2 I'd go with the Jackson but as the others have said preferably a used MIJ Jackson or Pro Series or a 1000 series ESP/LTD.  
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