So I know some people are going to think this is heresy, but I plan on putting Lace Sensors in my Ibanez Jem JR. I was looking at the sliver for the middle single coil, a red/red dually for the bridge and and emerald/purple dually for the neck. I haven't been able to hear any demos of the Lace duallys though. Are they soild pickups?
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It's a Jem Jr not a Jem, whatever pickups you put it in wouldn't seem weird at all. Since the stock ones it comes with are probably not any good.

I saw a couple demos of Lace pickups, but all the demos I saw were low quality so I couldn't really judge.
Lace generally makes good pickups.
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Back in like the mid 1980s My dad got a 1-piece solid ash body (natural wood finish) Strat Plus sent to him by a guy named Ken Young (I think) who was a Fender Custom Shop builder or tech of some kind which was outfitted with a blue Lace Sensor in the neck position, a gold Lace Sensor in the middle, and a Red Lace Sensor in the bridge position...that axe has A LOT of strange prototype kinda shit on it; prototype Hipshot Tremsetter, Wilkinson Roller Nut, Schaller locking tuning machines, graphtech string saver saddles, the list could go on all day...the Volume knob is A CTS 500K split shaft pot, tone knob #1 was a Fender TBX Tone Control & Tone knob #2 was a "blender knob"... the pickups in that guitar NOW are vintage 1968 Stratocaster pickups which were given to him by Duke Robillard because my dad doctored one of Duke's amps for him & gave him a speaker out of his Riviera era Fender Concert amp (my dad's a vintage amp tech, he's also done amp work for Debbie Davies, Bonnie Raitt, George McCann, Eric Johnson, Brad Paisley (before Dr. Z bought Brad Paisley) & Brad Whitford (who brought in the only Fender Vibratone I'D EVER EVEN SEEN BEFORE...) but getting back to the Lace Sensors... let me let you in on a little secret... Lace Sensor pickups SUCK...there's a reason Clapton needed a 10db mid boost for those pickups (and Decibles aren't a linear measurement it's not like volume bars on a tv...it's "logerithmic" so like 4db is more than twice as loud as 3db. So taking all of that into consideration a 10db boost is fucking insane when 13db can be enough to cause hearing damage...), the whole point of Lace Sensors is so you can run the guitars action so low that the strings are almost touching them and the pickup magnets won't interfere... you want to do something cool with pickups, get creative... Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio, Bill Lawrence, Lindy Fralin, Fender Custom Shop (& for the record "Duncan Designed" is NOT the same thing as "Seymour Duncan"...)
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