Assuming that the amps in Guitar Rig 5 are modeled after real amps, does anyone know what the "Hot Solo +" amp is modeled after?
the guitar rig one isn't that close. but an axe fx or a kemper will get most of the way there.
Slow are like 2000-2400 used depending on how insane the seller wants to be.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
The SLO is one of the best sounding amps made IMHO.  Probably my favorite overdrive sound. It's essentially an uber hot rodded JCM 800 I think. 
The Jetcity JCA50h, or similar heads, were designed by Soldano and are considered clones to some degree, varied opinions on how close it is to the real thing.  Obviously not quite the same but still a lot of bang for buck if you're going for that tone.  Its a high gain monster for sure.

The one flaw I've found is the effects loop is pre-eq, so anything you run into the loop will be colored by the eq.  In a sense it's a power amp EQ, not a preamp EQ.
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