Hello all,

Before we begin the discussion, here is my current gear:
-Ibanez S521 Mol (modded with Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz pickups, Grover locking tuners and Schaller strap locks)
-Shure GLXD16 Wireless System
-Zoom G5 (for pitch shifting, artificial drop-tuning and wah)
-Boss SD-1
-Boss NS-2 (My Randall RM50 has a parallel loop so I'm using the NS-2 just to attenuate my SD-1's feedback level)
-Boss FS-5U & FS-5L (5L is my RM50's channel footswitch and the 5U is the tap tempo for my Zoom G3X)
-Zoom G3X (for modulation, reverb, delay, and volume swelling via EQ programmed with LEVEL for expression pedal)

For this coming month of May, I have a budget of CAD$2000, $1500 of which will go towards buying another guitar (possibly an Ibanez Iron Label) and a new pair of 6L6 tubes for my RM50 (since I misplaced them and can't find them anywhere). I am considering selling my pedals for a Boss GT-100 or a Line 6 POD HD500X which I am thinking of using via a 4-cable method so that I can simplify my setup instead of having to tap dance whenever I want to switch effects; however after reading up on other forums I've realized that parallel loops hate 4-cable method wiring.

The genre I play is mostly power metal, and I just formed my own band. I am pretty happy with the tones I get from the RM50's preamp modules.

So here are the questions:
1. Does my current pedalboard sound fine as-is? Would a switch into a Boss GT-100 or a POD HD500X make things better or worse in a scenario where I'm using a parallel effects loop?
2. If the Boss GT100 or a POD HD500X can be used in a parallel loop setup, is there a way to program the patches such that I don't have to deal with issues regarding the tone without the use of external attenuator pedals, or will the setup require the use of something like a Boss Line Selector or a Jaded Faith STEP pedal? (N.B. Long & McQuade in my area does NOT carry the Jaded Faith STEP pedals.)

Thanks in advance!