hi, guys
i want to add a noise gate pedal to my pedal board, what noise gate pedals do you guys use/recommend

thanks for your help,
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I have the ISP Decimator and it works really well.   I'd also look into the TC Electronic Sentry (mainly because I love their other stuff).  
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The TC Sentry is hands down the best noise gate pedal on the market now. And it's way more reasonably priced than the Decimator. Chiefly because it's a multi-banded noise gate, which allows you to tweak the frequencies were noise is the most prominent in your rig and gate those frequencies out without gating out the rest of the frequency spectrum that is free of noise. It makes for a much more natural-sounding gate.

The TonePrint abilities the Sentry has allow full customisation of the algorithms that control the pedal so you can make the pedal gate in literally any fashion you want so you can optimise it to exactly the needs of your specific rig.

The Decimator isn't anywhere near that powerful. It just has 1 knob you turn for the threshold and whenever it gates the signal, it gates out at all frequencies, which leads to the player having to compromise their noise reduction for less of a loss in the guitar's sustain etc. The Sentry allows you just to gate out only the frequencies that represent noise and nothing else.
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I prefer "4 wire" noise gates, like the MXR Clamp, where it samples the clean guitar output to gate the noisy signal.

Using a noisy signal to gate itself reduces your dynamic range too much.
Depends on the amp.  I basically use the NS-2 that's built into my ME-50 in the front.  I've had no issues with tone suck at all as long as I don't go WAY hard with it.  I usually keep it about half way.  I also run a Desimator II in the loop of my 6505+. 
I didn't like the MXR Noise clamp but I have been satisfied with the Decimator. Other than a NS-2 copy in a MFX board which sucked, those are the only ones I've tried. 
I have a Boss NS2 it works great I have been using it for 15+ years with no complaints, but I have been contemplating getting a TC Sentry for its ability to hone in on specific frequencies and tone print customization.
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The MXR noise clamp did not work with my setup. I did not like the tone suck of the MXR smart Gate. Unless it is set very harsh it did not work with my setup. I never tried the Decimator but have read a lot of great reviews about this pedal. I am not really into TC Stuff have a couple of their pedals that I do not really care for but I have not tried the serenity. The NS-2 does suck your tone, but it operates properly. I think it works fine for a metal setup. If you want a bluesy dynamic guitar tone, I would look elsewhere, maybe the decimator.