I have a question regarding the Yamaha THR10.

Here's my situation: I'm a hobby guitar and bass player (and not an excellent one, at that). I play for fun, mostly covers of rock / metal songs, and am not in a band, perform live or record songs (well, sometimes I do, but I keep them private). 

The only amp I currently own is an Engl Gigmaster 15 Combo amp. It's a great thing, really good sound. However, it leaves several things to be desired, especially:

- it's fairly limited in terms of effects / flexibility - want some chorus? Buy a pedal. Want more of a metal sound w/ heavier distortion? Buy a pedal. Want reverb? Buy a pedal. Frankly I'm not interested in getting a pedal board as I simply do not feel like paying the money necessary considering how little I play.

- it's massive and heavy, annoying to carry around (I mainly transport it between my home town and the town where I study).

- it's a guitar amp (no sh*t Sherlock) so I can't use it with my bass

- I can't use it as a recording tool (not unless I spend many $ to get it miced up)

I understand that some of these complaints are a bit silly, but please try to understand my situation. 

So, mainly due to the fact that the Engl has quite a limited sound flexibility, I find myself using my Rocksmith cable and using an amp sim on my computer anyway (why did I bother getting the Engl then? Well, I got a good deal on it and didn't realize where I'd end up).

I have been therefore considering selling the Engl and getting a Yamaha THR10 (maybe the X model). I expect it to be a step back in terms of sound quality, but it should be a leap forward in features, and I could also use it with my bass and acoustic guitar (if I ever get one).

What I'd like to know is if this is a good idea? I was considering selling the Engl regardless, as I barely use it and it just seems a shame for it to be sitting in a corner, collecting dust. Should I keep the Engl and get a proper PC interface instead? Should I spend a lot of $ and get a pedal board? Maybe just sell the Engl and stick to my Rocksmith cable (I do like the idea of being able to play elsewhere than in front of my PC). Get something else insted of the Yamaha? I'd really like a second opinion on this

I also have the intention of going to a shop and trying the Yamaha out to see what it sounds like.

I have the 10x. It's not a bad amp for what it is. I bought it for travel and to play on the back porch on nice days. If I have the option to play my big amps, I'll play them.

I like that I can plug an iPod into it and jam along. It is limited by small speakers. My favorite effect is fuzz and it doesn't include that in the options. I'm also a pedal whore so something that stops me from getting pedals is a bad thing.

The built in effects are pretty good. I really have no interest in tremolo, flanger or phaser, so these aren't really a plus for me.

I think it's a good amp though. It will give you portability, good sound at low volume, headphone in and MP3 in.

Definitely play it and see how you like though.
look at the blackstar id core beam

you can use it with bass and as a bluetooth speaker with your mp3 player
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Quote by teedo92
I understand that some of these complaints are a bit silly, but please try to understand my situation.
No, those are legitimate complaints friend. Or rather, you have needs that the Engl cannot fill. I am in the market for a practice amp as well for the same reasons.

I would not sell your Engl to get a THR. You'll end up missing it when you want loudness. I have been somewhat impressed with the sound of the THR amps through online demos, but I have not had a chance to try one myself. The internal speakers are okay for practice but you will need a headphone out/line out for proper response.

Some other options include the Boss Katana, which has a similar simple interface with a bit more functionality. They are around the same price point but include speakers and relatively high wattage output. Another option is the Line 6 Spider V series which I am still making my mind up on- they have a lot more functionality compared to other options but will likely be a sacrifice in sound quality.

A last option is to continue using amp/effects sims, but just get better software. Bias is pretty good from what I understand. I tried it and thought it was reasonable for the price. You may could need a better interface as well.
Since I no longer gig and I only play at acoustic guitar volumes, I've been thinking along the same lines, trading my very nice H&K St Dual El84 for something like a THR or Boss Micro Cube (I have a highly modded Epi VJ that should satisfy my tube urges), but I can't quite bring myself to do it though. What I would have to do is find a local store that would allow me some kind of tryout option for a day.
Just get a POD. Use it for the effects and it also has Bass amp models in it.
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Thank you all for the suggestions. I think I'm gonna go to my local store and give the Yamaha and the Blackstar a try to see what's what (btw, I didn't know you can play music through both of these and jam along, that's awesome).

Regarding the Boss Katana and Line 6, both seem nice but one major drawback I see is no bass guitar support. 

Another option I was or rather am considering is getting a USB interface, a set of monitors and some appropriate software (BIAS FX, for example), but I'm not so sure as this is the most expensive option of them all, and has limited transportation abilities, though seeing how much music I listen to, having a pair of monitors wouldn't be bad at all...
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